About Us

Petrus Hotels Royale

Discover the four star milestone Hotel in the heart of Abuja, the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria; perfect for exploring Abuja’s many Iconic attractions including Silverbird Gallery, Ceddi Plaza, National Mosque, National Christian Center and the Federal Secretariat.

Located in a serene environment that keeps you from the noisy activities of the city, Petrus is a hotel that boasts of 43 lavishly equipped guests rooms and state of the art facilities required to make your stay a memorable one.
Our hotel has taken important steps to be one of the household name hotels in the hospitality sector in Sub-Saharan Africa. For business or corporate clients, we have the best conference & banqueting facilities: our tastefully furnished Zumbo Hall and Emirates board room. Our Dining facilities namely: Charitex Restaurant and Bar serve a range of international & Local Cuisines accommodating the taste buds of the various cultures that visit us from around the world.

Who We Are

At Petrus Hotels Royale as the name implies, we are committed to giving all our esteemed guests a luxurious experience as a standard and mark of honour for their patronage. Through the vehicles of continuous improvement, human capacity development, health & safety and bench-marking of best hospitality standards; optimum performance service levels are achieved. As a family business, our friendly work culture and robust staff welfare structure promotes a general sense of ownership enabling us to achieve our aims and values.

Our mission is to be a household name in the hospitality industry in significant locations in Sub-Saharan Africa. We strive to lead efficient hospitality operations, and in so doing, become a second home and first choice for all our guests.


We insist on establishing good character and integrity on the staff through on the job mentorship and skill courses to ensure that there’s maximum impact both inside and outside of the work environment.


We create a conducive environment that fosters passion and promotes ideas from within thereby producing the “Petrus” way of solving problems, unique to us and in the hospitality sector.


We unite as a team from diverse ethnic cultures and cultivate our various unique strengths for the common goal of giving our guests a service worthy of recommendation.


Kenechukwu Oguebie
Owner's Representative
Sunday Hinmikaye
General Manager